Back to Normal

Hello Everyone ^_^

So after a month and a bit of reduced content output due to the final push on my Master’s Thesis, things should hopefully be returning back to a more consistent rate of development. This has all been a long time in the workings, so I appreciate the patience you have all had with me during these occasional delays.

But … you’re interested in what’s coming up next!

So, my basic upcoming plans are to try to get back to a weekly (occasionally every two weeks) build output landing on Friday/Saturday so that you can all enjoy the new content over the weekend. I also need to work on getting things like the commission list up to day, and to work on the game wiki/website, which are all on my to-do list. Finally, I’m behind on showing you the art work I’ve received, so patrons should expect a big lump of it incoming over the next week or so.

My intentions for the next 3-4 builds are as follows;

  • Build 4.09 (Patreon): Snacks, Pets & Roommates – In this build I’ll be working towards three major goals. Firstly, I want to finish off the basics on the roommates system started in the Jess update, which to be honest is mostly finished. Next I want to get some progress on the Pet-Play trainer, as I have a lot of images for it. In particular I want to get basic Tier 2 tasks in place for the Pet-Play trainer. Finally, I aim to add in a vending machine that will offer various snacks to the player. These snacks will be useful when I finally get around to the optional hunger/thirst system, as well as impacting player weight, and offering some new TF opportunities. I’d also like to get the in-room waiting option done for this build.
  • Build 4.10 (Patreon): Clothing Overhaul – In this build my major aim will be correcting a collection of issues I currently have with the clothing system. This will include; updating the style system to include clothing and accessories (so jobs and NPC’s can be more reactive to player appearance), making butt plugs their own category rather than being underwear (so you can wear both), giving full stats to headwear/hair-accessories + neckwear + chastity + butt plugs, allowing players to store clothing they don’t want in the main lists (for easier sorting), and putting hair accessories into the wardrobe (and making them hair accessories & headwear). In this build I’ll also be aiming to add in the clothing images/options that I have saved up, mainly a collection of bimbo outfits and a collection of more normal outfits, both of which will be going in new stores.
  • Build 4.11 (Patreon): Piercings – In this build I’ll be adding in piercings. There will be a new piercings store for players to buy them from, as well as getting the piercings done, and I’ll be updating the style system to factor them in. Something else I want to do is work on some piercing based punishments (effectively permanent piercings). I’ll also be finishing off any unfinished clothing updates from the previous build in this one.
  • Build 4.12 (Patreon): Pregnancy – In this build I’ll be working on adding in the basics of the planned pregnancy system! Though, I don’t want to spoil this too much this early (plans can always change), there will be a complex system related to fertility/virility and pregnancy duration, complete with ways to modify these scores, much like with Lactation.

So, as you can see there’s a lot of work planned out. Of course, there are minor things that I’ll also be working on, including commissions and polled content, but these are the major additions I’m aiming towards. For example, there is still a lot of work to do on the chastity and orgasm code, and there will always be bug fixes to be done. I also want to get some new seasonal content ready for Halloween, so keep an eye out for that! 

Hope that has you all excited, and until next time, happy gaming ^_^